Sage Linzer

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Sage Linzer is a senior leader with 20 years of experience in Commercial Banking and related industries.

Prior to joining Cypress, he served as a Senior Vice President for Truist Bank, where he developed, implemented, and managed a new successful remote business banking model. He also led a large commercial portfolio management team through one of the largest bank mergers in the past decade.

Mr. Linzer is a firm believer in the power of purpose, relationships, creativity, accountability, and care, Sage embodies a proactive approach to making a positive impact on those around him. He enjoys difficult business challenges, loves to strategize around ways he can help others reach success, and is always ready for the next opportunity to make a lasting impact. He actively supports several charitable organizations and has served on the board of his local Family Partnership

Sage is a native of both Arizona and New York State and has spent the last 20 years in Florida with his family. Some of his academic achievements include a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Marketing from Arizona State University, an associate’s degree in finance and economics from Mesa Community College, and certifications in Yield and Supply Chain Management from Bermuda College.

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