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clock tower with beach in background

“We put less emphasis on projecting the image of being great and more on actually being exceptional.”

– Dana Kilborne, CEO

photo of a cypress tree

The Cypress Tree Narrative

Indigenous to Florida, the Cypress tree symbolizes history, experience, and dependability. As our brand symbol, it represents our company and people. The Cypress tree grows unhurriedly, stands with sturdiness, and boasts roots that are plentiful and deep, yet also exposed and transparent. A tree of great longevity, the Cypress grows for generations. It is evergreen, adaptable, and a valued resource. These are traits that define our brand now and in the future. We are sturdy with proven longevity. We are agile and transparent. Our dedication and devotion provide resources and a platform for multi-generational growth. This is our foundation and inspiration. This is our story.

This is Cypress Bank and Trust.

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photo of a cypress tree