Mackeela Stultz, NMLS 1910659

Mackeela Stultz brings a wealth of experience with over 17 years in the realms of commercial and retail banking. Out of those, she has spent 11 fruitful years right here in Palm Beach County, specializing in healthcare lending. Throughout her career, Mackeela has demonstrated proficiency in managing and growing commercial banking portfolios, consistently exceeding revenue targets, and forging strong, lasting relationships with her clients.

She has an innate talent in structuring complex financial deals, managing risk, and crafting strategic financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. One of her remarkable strengths is her ability to motivate and inspire those around her. Her commitment to understanding her clients’ financial aspirations and her knack for delivering solutions to help them succeed is truly commendable.

Personally, Mackeela starts her day bright and early, energizing herself with a morning gym routine. Beyond her professional life, she treasures the moments spent with her family, valuing quality time together.

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