Cypress Bank & Trust offers a full suite of financial services designed for you.

After 25 years of managing trusts within our community, we have expanded our services to new products and processes in banking that will offer our customers a solid foundation for all their financial needs. We continue to offer financial security with dependable transactions and an experienced team with the knowledge to help your wealth grow. Bank the Cypress Way

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Bank from anywhere • Convenient traditional and digital access to your finances

Cypress tree at sunset

The Strength of Cypress

The Cypress tree is our foundation and inspiration, representing our company and people. Indigenous to Florida, the Cypress tree symbolizes history, experience, and dependability. A tree of great longevity, the Cypress endures for generations. Growing unhurried and sturdy, its plentiful roots run deep, yet are also exposed and transparent. It is evergreen, adaptable, and a valued resource. These traits define our brand now and into the future – sturdy with proven longevity, adaptable, transparent, dedicated and devoted to providing resources and a platform for multi-generational growth.